For large companies

ADAGEO provides an “extra pair of hands” to support specific projects `{`e.g. acquisitions, divestitures, complex contract negotiations &/or claims, workshop animation, etc.`}` or help resolve risk management problems, including staff movements and temporary resource shortages. The interlocutor is primarily the RIM (risk & insurance manager). ADAGEO’s independence permits a freedom to challenge the status quo and to articulate views that might not otherwise be expressed.

For smaller companies

Unable or unwilling to support the cost of a fully-resourced risk & insurance management team, ADAGEO can provide hands-on expertise on a spot or recurrent basis. Any such support is tailored to meet the specific risk profile and risk management needs of the client company. ADAGEO has particular value with respect to the management of multinational insurance programmes and related services.

The key features of the ADAGEO business proposition are : hands-on experience, independence, flexibility and discretion.